Our Mission

The FVP Foundation helps teens suffering from depression and prevents suicide. We are bringing awareness to the terrible impact of mental illness and ending the stigma while honoring Frankie’s memory.

An anchor is a heavy weight that holds a ship in place. Remaining firm and steadfast amid the uncertainty of storms and the elements. An anchor symbolizes such concepts as strength, security,  stability, tranquility, hope and safety

A lighthouse symbolizes overcoming challenges and adversity. It symbolizes guidance. It’s used to symbolize a way forward and navigating through the world with safety, guidance, hope, and direction.

The Frankie V Polletta​ Foundation aims to act as an anchor for those that find themselves in a tumultuous headspace, and a lighthouse to guide them into a better place.

All contributions made to the Frankie V Polletta Foundation go towards directly preempting suicide and other forms of self harm. Our mission is to raise awareness, curate helpful resources, and fund local programs that take direct action in identifying and combating depression in teens and young adults.

Board Members

Bryan Polletta


Chris Novy

Vice President

Tom Caplice


Bob Cerone

Board Member

Brian Gainer

Board Member

Nick Polletta

Board Member

Tracey Buettell

Board Member

Rodrick Cappiello

Board Member

Tom Dillon

Board Member